This year we are again allowing the students to dress up in their costumes on Halloween. We are wanting to keep this day a positive and fun event for all our students. Any parents that are helping out in the classroom part will NOT be allowed to dress up. Due to events that have happened in the past, we have asked that all students planning on coming to school in their costumes will need to follow the guidelines below:
1. No inappropriate costumes will be allowed.
2. Students need to come to school already dress in their costumes. The teachers will not be dressing or applying makeup to their students during the school day.
3. No fake blood will be allowed to be worn on their costumes or their bodies
4. No gory or scary costumes will be allowed.
5. No masks will be allowed to be worn.
6. No hats, brooms, or additional props can be brought as part of the costume.
7. No weapons or look-a-like weapons (ie: guns, swords, knives, bombs, etc.) will be allowed to be brought to school.